To run or not to run, that Is the question!


Last week I reached a big goal of mine. I ran 20 minutes non stop!

Now to a lot of people especially those who run, that Is probably no big deal. If you had seen my beetroot red face afterwards you would have seen It was a big deal lol!

So, let me take you back some years.
In 1994 I was involved In a minor car accident where I ended up with major injuries that lasted 18 years. I ended up with Chronic pain and couldn’t use my left arm. My back was very weak and In 2012 I couldn’t walk without a stick as I had trapped my sciatic nerve.

I am now pain free as I found out that the pain was actually trapped emotional trauma and with help I have cleared all of that and can use my arm and do anything that I WANT to do!

I decided that I wanted to set a goal that would physically challenge me.

So, what to do?

I had a go at running last year but didn’t keep up with it as I just couldn’t get past the tight chest gasping for air part and so therefor decided that I wasn’t a very good runner (negative belief) my confidence and self belief was low around running.

I didn’t believe that I could run, Yes I know, Libby Steggles-Ginn the Coach didn’t believe in herself!!

I didn’t realise this though at the time, I thought that they were genuinely great reasons why not to carry on running and exercising. I had joined a boot camp twice a week on a morning and loved that but then my business turned up a notch and my days were and still are filled with work which I love and am very grateful for.

Negative subconscious beliefs are very powerful and can sabotage our conscious Intentions.

Our beliefs can affect every aspect of our lives:

  • Personal power
  • Relationships
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Self love
  • Health and mental wellbeing
  • Weight

And the list goes on

To run or not to run?, that Is the question!

I decided that for my 2016 goal/challenge I would clear my negative beliefs (after all that Is what I am an expert In) around running and start to train for a 10k run and thats exactly what I’m doing.

I joined a gym that Is open anytime and I train 3 times a week. If my day Is busy with work which It mostly Is then I get up at 5.30am and get to the gym, work out and am back in time to make sure my kids have got out of bed and are on track for school and to then walk Jake my dog to be ready to start my work for the day and do you know what? there are no excuses because I want to do this and I love It and I manage my time to fit all of this in along with being a mum, housewife, wife and business woman.

I downloaded an app and started to train.

A very good friend of mine had started to train for the 5K run and told me that all of a sudden after a few weeks she could run without gasping for air and I too would get to that stage. I didn’t believe her, not that I didn’t believe that that had happened to her but that I didn’t believe that I would ever get to that stage and so I worked really hard changing my beliefs, telling myself that I could and I am a good runner. Visualising myself running easily and effortlessly . I used all of my NLP and PSYCH-K tools.

Last Friday was the day that I would jump from running 8 minutes then walking 3 minutes etc to running 20 minutes non stop. I felt quite giddy and started to run.

All the way through the run I repeated silently to myself that “I am a great runner”, “I am running easily and effortlessly” I saw the 8 minute coming up and ran through that and I did It easily and effortlessly  and I could have carried on running and was so happy with myself. I felt all of the confidence flooding through me and am now running for 30 minutes non stop and know that I can do more and anything I want to do!

I now believe that I am a great runner and can run.

I feel amazing and have so much energy from the exercise and keep connecting in with that feeling to motivate myself when my alarm goes off at 5.30am!

You may feel that you’re in a  vicious cycle and can’t get out and move forward. It’s all about taking little steps forward and If you move backwards one day then thats OK, It doesn’t have to mean It’s over and that you have to give up, start moving forward again the next day. Be kind to yourself, If you have low energy days then thats OK too, the more you are hard on yourself the lower your energy will become so cut yourself some slack and keep moving forward. Trust yourself!

You can do anything you want to do, you can get to where you want to be!

Whether I’m running my Emoji Coach programmes working with children privately or in schools, with parents and teachers or If I’m working with business people, adults who are stuck, my message to you all Is

If you believe you can then you can and will and if you believe you can’t then you can’t and won’t !


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