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Topics such as Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, vital for the self-esteem of the child and imperative if they are to succeed in the working world are simply not being taught to children.  These topics aren’t covered in the school curriculum, busy parents often miss the opportunity and training certainly does not come packaged with a computer game.

If children don’t learn how to regulate their emotions and how to be more resilient in life it can have a devastating impact on the child.

Mental health services for children and young people in England need a “complete overhaul”, says the government.


Too many young people are not getting the help they need.

  • 28% of pre-school children face problems that have an impact on their psychological development
  •       One in 10 five-to-16-year-old has a mental disorder
  •       One in six young adults aged 16-24 has a common mental disorder
  •       About 500,000 children and young people say they are unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives
  •       75% of adult mental health problems are present before age of 18

The rates of mental illness in children in the UK are on the rise, and we strongly believe children, young people and adults who take part in THE EMOJI COACH  programmes will have a greater emotional wellbeing and this will ultimately help to lower rates of mental illness now and in the future. WE ARE THE PREVENTATIVES!