Emoji Chart. Price includes postage and packaging.


The price Includes 1st class postage and packaging.


By using reusable Emoji stickers your child/children can express how they feel without trying to find the words.

‘It nips emotional meltdowns in the bud”

“Children feel safe and understood”

It is a fun way for children to:

understand, express, manage and regulate their emotions
gain Emotional Literacy while feeling safe and understood

Which will help them grow their confidence and self-esteem, giving them self-awareness and recognition of their feelings and knowing how to manage them.

The Emoji chart is a straight forward and highly effective “Emotional Literacy” tool which has such a powerful impact on children/young people, in the family home and the classroom.

This tool takes the frustration out of parenting and teaching, allowing good communication to flow and building rapport within the family unit and classroom. Children no longer feel like they are misunderstood, and parents and teachers stop feeling like they have failed.