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Top tips to help your child feel happy and confident going back to school.

Well, it seems to have been a long summer. Plenty of time to get out of the normal routine. Your child may be feeling anxious about going back. .  So, how do you help your child have a smooth transition back into school? Below are some tips for you to help your child feel happy […]

The Glitter Of Thought Jar

The Glitter of thought jar An effective way for your child/children to see how their thoughts and emotions work is to introduce them to this glitter of thought jar. These glitter jars are a great way to calm and soothe your child and by using it this way your child can learn to calm their […]

I don’t like the word FAIL!

Hello, I was having a conversation yesterday with a lovely lady around FAILURE and how we fear it and she was telling me about the impact Fear of Failure has had on her life and that she would be told off when she was a child for FAILING or getting things wrong! The thing I […]

To run or not to run, that Is the question!

Hi, Last week I reached a big goal of mine. I ran 20 minutes non stop! Now to a lot of people especially those who run, that Is probably no big deal. If you had seen my beetroot red face afterwards you would have seen It was a big deal lol! So, let me take […]